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How to Balance Your Need for Cash with Your Long Term Career Goals

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Searching for your next great job can be stressful, and the stress is only compounded when you’re worried about your money running out. It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that you have to find a full-time job that’s the right professional fit AND that you have to do it in time to cover your next rent check.

From my years spent guiding job seekers, I know that it is rare for personal and work situations to align so that two challenges are solved at exactly the same moment with exactly the same solution. So confusing your longer-term career goals with your need for immediate cash is a mistake.

It's Okay To Need a Short-Term Paying Gig

This is not to say that separating earning cash from job searching is easy. For many of us, our identity is tangled up with how we earn our money. And you may fall into the trap of thinking you're a failure if you need to take a short-term paying gig. But the alternative – rushing to take a full-time professional position that is wrong for you – can have long-lasting and detrimental career effects.

The Right Full-Time Job Exists

The right full-time job for you is out there, but it may take longer to find than you hope or plan. Finding alternative ways to make money to sustain yourself while you search will alleviate the pressure to move too fast. Earning cash will also help you avoid making the wrong professional decisions because you need to eat and keep a roof over your head. Finding and landing the right fill-time job shouldn't be a full-time job in itself; we encourage our clients to spend up to 8 hours a week on their search, which leaves them plenty of time to work. For people who are working full-time in the wrong fit, we usually encourage them to keep their current position while they find the right one. 

Ideas for Earning Immediate Cash

Fortunately, there are many options for earning immediate cash – several offer non-traditional schedules that can provide you with the flexibility you need to continue your job search; interview during business hours; and still exercise, volunteer, and spend time with family and friends. Some examples include dog walking, food service, delivery services (PostMates, DoorDash, etc.), retail, and temporary office work. 

Working To Earn Cash is Temporary

Remember, working just to earn cash is temporary - it's part of your strategy to reach your professional goals. Relieving unnecessary pressure (either self-imposed or from others) supports your overall self-care and wellness. By covering your basic needs, you will be mentally ready to shine when you do identify the job that’s right for you. 

At ArcVida we guide our clients to find the right professional, full-time fit. If you are actively job-hunting, I invite you to experience this personalized service for yourself. Your first step is scheduling a free strategy call. 



Published on 2/22/2019